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"I'm in Florence - the wine is rich, the weather is good, the sculptures are beautiful, the churches are impressive and Italian people are pleasant. My holiday in Italy is as usual a success - it's nice to be foreigner in Italy! Everything is perfect .... or almost. Three years ago on Elba I already had started wondering: What did the waiter really say when I ordered my cappuccino after dinner, and what was he thinking? It had also been annoying when the pleasant Sicilian family on the train from Naples to Reggio Calabria offered me a panino: we couldn't communicate so we just smiled a few minutes before we gave up and said nothing more - for 5 long hours on the train.

If I could only understand a little more about this country, about what they say and think and some of their history, that has made them into what they are - imagine how much better holidays I could have here!"

We help you to experience Italy. With us you meet a strong community of Italians and connoisseurs of Italy - an environment that makes us unique as a source of knowledge and inspiration for those who love Italy.

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Scuola d'italiano, located in Bygdøy allé, Oslo, has taught Italian to several thousand people since its beginning in 1989. Our students spend their holidays in Italy and are interested in Italian culture - be it food and wine, history, art, architecture, football, politics and society, picturesque mountains, warm beaches or simply the Italian way of being, with the Italians' temperament and ability to live out their feelings. All this enthusiasm for Italy has enabled us to expand our offer over the years, which we now present under the name italia.no.

italia.no is a team of Italians resident in Norway and Norwegians who have lived in Italy and speak Italian: Federica is Italian and John is Norwegian - we're a married couple and have lived for over 20 years with one foot in Italy and one in Norway - always keen to find new keys to understanding the similarities and differences between the two countries and between the two languages. We have chosen to make this our business and our livelihood, but it is also our lives - the borderline between Italy and Norway.

We are a small, privately owned company that is growing steadily. We are among the 3% of the Norwegian companies that get the top credit rating, AAA, from the agency Soliditet (Dun & Bradstreet).

Federica and John Stuart